TitleHatsu Inu
Length465 pages


Genrecomedy, drama, modern, romance, school life
Typedandere, harem, long story, partly colored, tsundere, vanilla, yuri
Settingbath, beach, bedroom, hotel, laboratory, outdoor, public, restroom, roof, school, school nurses office, street, toilet, transit
Fetishassertive girl, christmas, cosplay (female), glasses, lab coat, lingerie, maid outfit, school swimsuit, sporty, strapon, student uniform, swimsuit
Roleathlete, maid, other, school nurse, scientist, student, teacher
Relationshipclassmate, friend, girlfriend, physician, teacher
Male Bodylarge penis, teenager
Female Bodyadult, long hair, ponytail, short hair, teenager
Groupingone on one, solo (female), threesome (1 male)
Sceneanal (female), aphrodisiac, blowjob, cheating (male), chikan, clothed sex, consensual, exhibitionism, fingering (female), groping, handjob, intercrural, masturbation, paizuri, rimjob, sex toys, submission, voyeurism
Positionacrobat, arch, bodyguard, butterfly, deck chair, deep stick, doggy, drill, lap dance, lotus, mastery, missionary, other, pile driver, prison guard, spoons, standing, teaspoons, victory

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