TitleLittle Anal Collection
ArtistMoku Ujiie
Length216 pages


Typeanthology, harem, incest, lolicon, non-con, partly colored, uncensored
Settingbedroom, classroom, elevator, hot springs, school
Fetishassertive girl, collar, food, knee high socks, stockings, student uniform
Roleescort, normal, student
Relationshipacquaintance, friend, stepdaughter, stranger, student, younger sister
Male Bodyadult, teenager
Female Bodypigtails, small breasts
Groupingone on one, orgy (1 male), threesome (1 male)
Sceneadultery, ahegao, anal (female), blackmail, blowjob, bondage, breast sucking, clothed sex, consensual, cunnilingus, discipline, dominance, fingering (female), humiliation, lotion, orgy, rape, reverse rape, rimjob, sex toys, submission, voyeurism, x-ray sex
Positionbodyguard, cowgirl, doggy, jockey, lap dance, mastery, missionary, reverse piggyback, standing, teaspoons, victory

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