Adult20-40 years old (4369)
Animal Earshaving ears normally found on an animal (514)
Baldhaving no hair (3)
Big Butthaving a large bottom (285)
Chubbyfatter than average (158)
Dark Skinhaving darker skin than the average Japanese female (292)
Elderlyolder than 60 years old (1)
Elf Earspointy ears (234)
Exaggerated Breastsbreasts larger than humanly possible (402)
Fatclearly heavier than the norm (24)
Furryanthropomorphic animal features (48)
Hairyhaving body hair (e.g. armpit hair) (249)
Hair Bunhave hair tied in a bun (263)
Half Animalfeaturing nonhuman body parts (149)
Halohaving an angel-like halo (6)
Hime Cuthaving a hime cut hairstyle (197)
Hornshaving horns on the head (165)
Large Breast (1)
Large Breastsbreasts larger than the hentai average (4953)
Long Hairlong hair (5031)
Middle Age40-60 years old (117)
Monster Girlmany monster-like features (106)
Muscularhaving a muscular physique (48)
Noneno male involved in sex scene (40)
Pigtailspigtails hair style (248)
Ponytailponytail hair style (1211)
Shortclearly shorter than the norm (244)
Short Hairshort hair (2842)
Skinnyclearly skinner than the norm (205)
Small Breastsbreasts smaller than the hentai average (1964)
Tailhaving a tail (401)
Tallclearly taller than the norm (124)
Tannedhaving tanned skin (143)
Tan Linehaving a visible tan line (148)
Teenager13-19 years old (6308)
Twintailstwintails hair style (1419)
Wingshaving wings (142)

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