Androphobiafear of men (14)
Apronan apron-like cloth (314)
Assertive Girlthe female takes initiative sexually (3437)
Bikinia bikini swimsuit (655)
Bloomerstype of underpants worn by woman (303)
Breast Expansionan immediate increase in the breast size (69)
Business Suitoutfit for a professional office environment (180)
Chastity Devicedevices such as chastity belts or cock cages (5)
Chinese Dresstraditional Chinese dress (93)
Christmasrelated to Christmas attire (43)
Collarneck piece (474)
Corsetfemale wearing corset (78)
Cosplay (female)female wearing roleplaying costumes (643)
Cosplay (male)male wearing roleplaying costumes (24)
Crossdressing (female)female wearing clothing meant for the opposite sex (21)
Crossdressing (male)male wearing clothing meant for the opposite sex (145)
Eye Patcha patch meant for the eyes (73)
Foodinvolving food in a sexual manner (82)
Giantessfeaturing a female that is large in an exaggerated fashion (36)
Glasseseyeglasses (1339)
Gothic Lolitafemale wearing gothic lolita fashion (64)
Gyarufashion-conscious girls with tanned skin and blonde hair (74)
Gynophobiafear of women (3)
High Heelswearing high heels (185)
Hot Pantsshort, tight shorts that emphasize the buttocks and legs (aka short shorts) (132)
Impregnationa female becoming visually pregnant after a sex scene (592)
Kemonomimihumans with animal ears (253)
Kimonotraditional formal Japanese clothing (312)
Knee High Sockslong socks that reach near knee level (565)
Lab Coatcoat for science, medicine, etc. (72)
Latexsuit made with a rubber-like material (272)
Leotardtight-fitting one-piece (94)
Lingeriewomen's underwear and night clothes (620)
Maid Outfitan outfit usually made for maids (356)
Mother And Daughtersex with both the mother and daughter (45)
Noneno fetish (2023)
Nonhuman Girlfeaturing female beings that are not human (616)
Olfactophiliafetish involving scents (127)
Pregnantfeaturing a visually pregnant female having sex (267)
Rich Girlan obviously rich girl (147)
School Swimsuitswimsuits associated with Japanese schools (218)
Shy Girla timid female character (610)
Sisterssex with sisters (108)
Sleeping Girlsexual activities with a sleeping girl (269)
Sportyathletic girl (251)
Stockingsclose-fitting elastic garment over the lower leg (2457)
Strapona penis-shaped toy strapped onto the female (99)
Student Uniforma uniform for Japanese students (2524)
Swimsuitany type of swimsuit (508)
Tanneddarker skin from exposure to the sun (231)
Tattoofemale with a skin tattoo (9)
Time Stopfantasy ability to stop time for sex (15)
Twins (coed)twins with one girl and one boy (9)
Twins (female)twins made up of only girls (58)
Twins (male)twins made up of only boys (4)
Uniformcostume signifying some kind of authority (580)
Wedding Dressa dress meant for weddings (55)

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