definition: extreme and unusual situations (usually dark)

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The Holes
CATEGORIES: horror, bizarre, gore, guro, VIEW_ALL
The Value of Love
CATEGORIES: bizarre, drama, fantasy, bestiality, deviant, netorare, VIEW_ALL
Shoujo To Tochikujou
CATEGORIES: psychological, modern, gore, uncensored, short_story, guro, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: bizarre, incest, VIEW_ALL
Wherever Whatever Transform
CATEGORIES: fantasy, bizarre, non-con, gender_bender, VIEW_ALL
Monkey Dreams
CATEGORIES: bizarre, fantasy, modern, non-con, bestiality, ryona, VIEW_ALL
Watashi wa
CATEGORIES: bizarre, video_game, deviant, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Shiro Ni Shizumu Omoi
CATEGORIES: bizarre, fantasy, non-con, VIEW_ALL
The Man Who Became A Toilet [...]
CATEGORIES: bizarre, school_life, harem, VIEW_ALL
Injection Girl
CATEGORIES: bizarre, fantasy, futanari, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Milk Slave ~Fate Of The Fema [...]
CATEGORIES: bizarre, historic, futanari, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Delightfully Fuckable and Un [...]
CATEGORIES: bizarre, modern, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Brain Eater
CATEGORIES: bizarre, supernatural, deviant, ryona, VIEW_ALL
Family Nymphomania
CATEGORIES: bizarre, modern, school_life, deviant, VIEW_ALL
Harasaki Shinmyoumaru VS Cau [...]
CATEGORIES: video_game, gore, bizarre, bestiality, guro, VIEW_ALL
Body Gardening
CATEGORIES: bizarre, gender_bender, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: bizarre, fantasy, futanari, VIEW_ALL
Sproingy Stick
CATEGORIES: bizarre, supernatural, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Sae and Yuki
CATEGORIES: bizarre, horror, modern, guro, non-con, VIEW_ALL

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