definition: explicit and excessive bloodshed and violence

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The Holes
CATEGORIES: horror, bizarre, gore, guro, VIEW_ALL
Shoujo To Tochikujou
CATEGORIES: psychological, modern, gore, uncensored, short_story, guro, VIEW_ALL
Osanpo JK Ichigo-chan
CATEGORIES: gore, modern, psychological, netorare, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Twisted Lips
CATEGORIES: horror, gore, psychological, guro, non-con, partly_colored, VIEW_ALL
Applicant for Death
CATEGORIES: gore, modern, incest, guro, VIEW_ALL
Graduation and Beheading Cer [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, gore, tsundere, guro, VIEW_ALL
Harasaki Shinmyoumaru VS Cau [...]
CATEGORIES: video_game, gore, bizarre, bestiality, guro, VIEW_ALL
Other Zone 4 ~The Beast King [...]
CATEGORIES: action, drama, gore, bestiality, non-con, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: anime, fantasy, gore, deviant, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Kidza Nie
CATEGORIES: modern, gore, guro, VIEW_ALL
Torture Dungeon Final Fantas [...]
CATEGORIES: video_game, gore, ryona, non-con, guro, VIEW_ALL
Torture Dungeon Naruto
CATEGORIES: anime, gore, ryona, guro, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Uru Art Collection
CATEGORIES: gore, modern, futanari, guro, uncensored, VIEW_ALL
Gyuuniku Shoujo
CATEGORIES: bizarre, scifi, gore, dandere, VIEW_ALL
The Angel's House Sitting
burst strike
CATEGORIES: gore, anime, futanari, non-con, guro, VIEW_ALL
Nitori x Crowbar
CATEGORIES: video_game, gore, short_story, ryona, VIEW_ALL
Too Small to Convey: Causes [...]
CATEGORIES: video_game, gore, guro, VIEW_ALL
Oji-san to Ecchi na Tsuki no [...]
CATEGORIES: gore, video_game, short_story, ryona, guro, VIEW_ALL
Ninja Dependence
CATEGORIES: gore, psychological, anime, non-con, guro, VIEW_ALL

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