Foursome (1 Female)one girl with three guys (297)
Foursome (1 Male)one guy with three girls (167)
Foursome (mixed)two girls and two guys (108)
Foursome (only Female)four girls (28)
One On Oneone girl with one guy (9255)
One On One (2 Females)two girls (858)
One On One (2 Males)two guys (41)
Orgy (1 Female)one girl with 4+ guys (916)
Orgy (1 Male)one guy with 4+ girls (238)
Orgy (mainly Female)2+ guys with many more girls (45)
Orgy (mainly Male)2+ girls with many more guys (298)
Orgy (mixed)approximately same number of girls and guys (347)
Orgy (only Female)5+ girls (78)
Orgy (only Male)5+ guys (9)
Solo (female)one girl (606)
Solo (male)one guy (145)
Threesome (1 Female)one girl with two guys (769)
Threesome (1 Male)one guy with two girls (1066)
Threesome (only Female)three girls (155)
Threesome (only Male)three guys (8)

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