Adult20-40 years old (4808)
Animalan animal (not anthropomorphic) (127)
Animal Earshaving ears similar to an animal (56)
Baldhaving no hair (278)
Beardhaving a beard (81)
Dark Skinhaving dark skin (211)
Elderlyolder than 60 years old (132)
Exaggerated Penispenis larger than humanly possible (98)
Fatclearly heavier than the norm (564)
Furryanthropomorphic animal features (37)
Goateehaving a goatee facial hair (33)
Hairyhaving a noticeable amount of body hair (100)
Half Animalfeaturing nonhuman body parts (34)
Hornshaving horns on the head (27)
Large Penispenis larger than hentai average (1017)
Long Hairhair longer than average (337)
Middle Age40-60 years old (466)
Missionary (1)
Monstermany monster-like features (260)
Muscularbeing more muscular than the norm (349)
Mustachehaving a mustache (51)
Noneno male involved in sex scene (841)
Shortclearly shorter than the norm (151)
Short Hairbuzzcut or crewcut (398)
Skinnyclearly skinnier than the norm (88)
Small Penispenis smaller than hentai average (91)
Tailhaving a tail (37)
Tallclearly taller than the norm (116)
Tannedhaving tanned skin (58)
Tan Linehaving a visible tan line (5)
Teenager13-19 years old (5169)
Wingshaving wings (10)

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