69oral intercourse with both partners stimulating at the same time (882)
Acrobatreverse cowgirl position with the female completely bent back to the male torso (184)
Archbutterfly position with the female's waist raised forcing an arch in her back (255)
Bodyguardspooning motion in a standing position where both partners are upright (312)
Butterflyfemale laid back with legs raised as male penetrates in upright position (3340)
Cowgirlmale laid back with female in control from a sitting position (4108)
Dancerstanding face-to-face position with female raising one leg (228)
Deck Chairbutterfly position with female's legs forced into bent position (1300)
Deep Stickbutterfly position with female's legs resting upright on shoulders of male (742)
Doggyrear-entry position with female on all fours and male penetrating from behind (6564)
Drillmissionary position where hte female wraps legs around the male's back (858)
Ex Sexmissionary-like position except reversed so that the face is facing the feet (21)
Jockeyfemale laid face down with male penetrating from behind (410)
Lap Dancereverse mastery position with female sitting on male's lap (1147)
Leg Gliderbutterfly position with female raising one leg against male (818)
Lotusmastery position with female wrapping legs and arms around male (730)
Masteryface-to-face position with female sitting on male's lap (1379)
Missionarysimple face-to-face position with one partner on back (3977)
Noneno sexual position (460)
Otherunlisted position (1162)
Pile Driverbutterfly position with female waist raised for downstroke penetration (567)
Prison Guarddoggy position with the female's wrists (and thus body) being held up by the male (573)
Reverse Piggybackstanding face-to-face postition with female being carried by male (652)
Rodeocowgirl position with female looking away from male (589)
Spoonsrear-entry position with both partners lying on side (661)
Standingsex positions where both partners are in upright position (1333)
Teaspoonssimilar to doggy but with both partners kneeled and upright (342)
Unusualexotic and/or unrealistic position (307)
Victorybutterfly position with the male speading the female's legs into a V shape (586)

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