Acquaintanceslight knowledge of the female (1859)
Anothers Daughteranother person's daughter (15)
Anothers Girlfriendanother person's girlfriend (35)
Anothers Motheranother person's mother (8)
Anothers Sisteranother person's sister (6)
Anothers Wifeanother person's wife (122)
Auntaunt of the male character (72)
Babysitterthe babysitter of the male character (15)
Childhood Friendfemale friend from childhood (480)
Classmatea female from the same school (1393)
Cousina female cousin (133)
Customera female customer (78)
Daughterdaughter of the male character (133)
Daughter-in-lawthe daughter-in-law of the male character (14)
Employeeworker who works under male boss (283)
Employerfemale boss of the male character (119)
Enemyenemy to the male character (559)
Fiancefemale engaged to male character (61)
Friendmutual affection towards female (2477)
Friends Daughtera friend's daughter (13)
Friends Girlfrienda friend's girlfriend (33)
Friends Mothera friend's mother (106)
Friends Sistera friend's sister (124)
Friends Wifea friend's wife (17)
Girlfriendthe girlfriend of the male character (1006)
Landlordfemale landlord of the male character (33)
Managerfemale manager of the male character (55)
Masterfemale master of the male character (160)
Mothermother of the male character (318)
Mother-in-lawmother-in-law of the male character (6)
Neighborfemale neighbor of the male character (264)
Nieceniece of the male character (39)
Noneonly one main character (solo scene) (111)
Older Sisterolder sister of the male character (440)
Patientfemale patient of the male character (49)
Petfemale pet of the male character (85)
Physicianfemale physician of the male character (77)
Relativerelative of the male character (44)
Relatives Friendthe female friend of a relatve (66)
Relatives Girlfriendthe girlfriend of a relative (14)
Relatives Wifethe wife of a relative (31)
Servantfemale servant of the male character (264)
Serverfemale serving the male character (116)
Sister-in-lawsister-in-law of the male character (38)
Slavefemale sex-slave forced to obey male (113)
Stepdaughterstepdaughter of the male character (17)
Stepmotherstepmother of the male character (40)
Stepsisterstepsister of the male character (90)
Strangerfemale person of whom the male character does not know (1821)
Studentfemale student of the male teacher/tutor (468)
Teacherfemale teacher of the male student (456)
Tuteefemale student being tutored by a male character (42)
Tutorfemale tutor of the male character (43)
Twinfemale twin of the male character (15)
Underclassmanfemale underclassman of the male character (103)
Upperclassmanfemale upperclassman of the male character (132)
Wifewife of the male character (221)
Workmatea female workmate of the male character (758)
Younger Sisteryounger sister of the male character (586)

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