Alienan extraterrestrial female (49)
Androida humanoid female robot (26)
Angela spiritual being from heaven (9)
Athletean athletic female (173)
Bridea female who is participating in the wedding as the bride (31)
Bunnygirla girl in bunny suit (139)
Cheerleadera female in a cheer uniform (44)
Delinquenta female delinquent character (27)
Demonan evil supernatural being (173)
Doctora female medical doctor (27)
Dominatrixa mistress in dominant role of BDSM (92)
Escorta female prostitute (239)
Foreignera female with features distinctly not from Japan (42)
Ghosta visible disembodied soul of a dead person (37)
Housewifea housewife (298)
Idola female celebrity (461)
Magical Girla stereotypical anime magical girl with costume (260)
Maida maid-like character (269)
Mamonomonster girl (107)
Massagista female who massages (11)
Mikoa Japanese shrine maidens (82)
Mythical Beinga character originating from a myth or legend (316)
Neetyoung female not in education, employment, or training (14)
Nekomimia human-like girl with cat ears and tail (159)
Newlyweda newlywed wife (59)
Ninjaa female resembling a Japanese ninja (131)
Normala standard female (5077)
Nuna nun (41)
Nursea nurse-like character (132)
Office Ladya stereotypical female who works in the office (187)
Otherunlisted role (965)
Policea policewoman (29)
Priesta female priest (35)
Princessa royal princess (157)
Queena royal queen (29)
School Nursea female school nurse (38)
Scientista female scientist/researcher (42)
Sorcerera female magic user (41)
Studenta female student (2436)
Succubusa demon that seduces men (65)
Teachera female teacher (397)
Tomboya girl with physical and/or mental characteristics similar to a boy (110)
Tutora female teacher-like figure who tutors smaller groups than a teacher (31)
Waitressa waitress who works in a restaurant-like setting (151)
Warriora female warrior (469)
Witcha female sorcerer or magician (101)

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