Adulteryvoluntary sexual relations with someone other than one's spouse (365)
Ahegaoweird face during sex; mouth open, eyes rolled back (1464)
Anal (female)insertion into the female anus (2207)
Anal (male)insertion into the male anus (186)
Aphrodisiacdrug stimulating sexual drives (488)
Armpit Sexusing the female armpit for sexual activities (43)
Asphyxiationsexual pleasure from cutting of oxygen (e.g. choking) (30)
Blackmailinvolving sex as a result of pressure through threats (429)
Blowjobfellatio, oral sex performed on penis (7664)
Bondageuse of restraints for sexual pleasure (1163)
Breast Feedingfeeding and drinking breastmilk to a non-infant (107)
Breast Suckingsucking on the breasts with the mouth (2167)
Bukkakelarge amounts of semen (from multiple partners) on top of the body (517)
Cheating (7)
Cheating (female)female having voluntary sex with someone other than her lover (350)
Cheating (male)male having voluntary sex with someone other than his lover (131)
Chikanheavy groping in crowds (i.e. trains) (115)
Clothed Sexsexual activity with clothes on the female (3516)
Consensualsex where both parties agree to it (5679)
Consensual Clothed Sex (1)
Cunnilingususe of mouth, tongue, or lips to stimulate female genitals (3167)
Deflorationinvolving a virgin female (1995)
Disciplinetraining to develop control, obedience, or a desired trait in the female character by the male character (277)
Dominancesexual authority over the female character (965)
Double Penetrationsimultaneous penetration of one person by two people (1401)
Drunkinvolving one or more drunk persons (209)
Enemaintroducing liquids into the rectum (85)
Exhibitionismdeliberately attracting public attention in a sexual manner (726)
Facesittingfemale sitting on another's face for sexual pleasure (316)
Fingering (female)use of fingers to stimulate female genitals (3796)
Fingering (male)use of fingers to stimulate the male anus (160)
Fistingplacing the entire fist into the female genitals (59)
Footjobstimulation of the penis with the foot (439)
Grindingrubbing genitalia in a sexually suggestive manner (528)
Gropingtouching and/or fondling breasts (4299)
Handjobstimulation of the penis with the hands (1961)
Humiliationpsychological distress for sexual excitement (400)
Hypnosisuse of mind control for sexual purposes (156)
Intercruralpenis placed between thighs of partner in non-penetrative sex (363)
Interracial Sexintercourse between humans of (visibly) different ethnic race (49)
Interspecies Sexintercourse between clearly different species (302)
Lactationexcreting fluids from the breast (401)
Leg Glider (1)
Lotionuse of lotion in sexual manner (145)
Masochismsexual pleasure of the male from being punished by the female (164)
Masturbationsexual stimulation (self) (1377)
Mind Breakbrainwashing victim with abusive sexual activity (803)
Nonhumansexual activity involving a nonhuman male (466)
Orgysexual activity with a group of more than four (1136)
Paizuristimulation of the penis with female breasts (2889)
Phone Sexvirtual sex through explicit phone conservations (19)
Propsunorthodox objects not meant for sexual pleasure (308)
Rapenon-consensual sex with a male as the aggressor (1644)
Reverse Rapenon-consensual sex with a female as the aggressor (277)
Rimjoblicking another's anus (371)
Sadismsexual pleasure of the male from inflicting harm on the female (221)
Scatrelated to feces (94)
Sex Toystoys that provide sexual pleasures (1228)
Spankingphysical spanking for sexual purposes (78)
Squirtnoticeable vaginal fluid during climax (703)
Submissionsexually subordinate of the male character towards a dominant female partner (528)
Sumatanon-penetrative sex often used in brothels (135)
Swingerstrading partners (e.g. girlfriend, wife) for sexual intercourse (25)
Tentacleselongated flexible organs (343)
Voyeurismspying/peeping during intimate periods (373)
Watersportsinvolving urine and/or urination (487)
X-ray Blowjobx-ray depiction of the penis entering the mouth (458)
X-ray Sexx-ray depiction of the penis inserted into either the vagina or anus (3008)

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