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Power Play
CATEGORIES: action, historic, modern, dandere, futanari, harem, VIEW_ALL
Secret Journey
CATEGORIES: fantasy, comedy, supernatural, non-con, harem, VIEW_ALL
Monkey Dreams
CATEGORIES: bizarre, fantasy, modern, non-con, bestiality, ryona, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: scifi, school_life, modern, non-con, partly_colored, long_story, VIEW_ALL
Parasite Embryo
CATEGORIES: scifi, psychological, modern, bestiality, VIEW_ALL
Lightning Warrior Raidy
CATEGORIES: visual_novel, adventure, action, futanari, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Angel's Drop
CATEGORIES: scifi, myth, modern, anthology, futanari, gender_bender, VIEW_ALL
Zecchou Shoujo
CATEGORIES: fantasy, modern, school_life, anthology, bestiality, incest, VIEW_ALL
Ane Narumono
CATEGORIES: romance, modern, fantasy, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: bizarre, fantasy, futanari, non-con, VIEW_ALL
School Maid
CATEGORIES: school_life, modern, harem, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Beginner Adventurer
CATEGORIES: action, medieval, scifi, anthology, futanari, long_story, VIEW_ALL
Body Gardening
CATEGORIES: bizarre, gender_bender, VIEW_ALL
Tentacles Training
CATEGORIES: fantasy, action, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Purimu no Nikki
CATEGORIES: myth, modern, fantasy, vanilla, harem, partly_colored, VIEW_ALL
Bitch Harem
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, fantasy, gender_bender, anthology, futanari, VIEW_ALL
God Eater
CATEGORIES: video_game, uncensored, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Shoku Nin
CATEGORIES: fantasy, uncensored, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Holy Angel Patina
CATEGORIES: fantasy, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Beef Girls and the Feed Supe [...]
CATEGORIES: bizarre, horror, psychological, bestiality, ryona, VIEW_ALL

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