Amusement Parksex in a theme park (34)
Atticsex in an attic of a building (1)
Automobilesex in a wheeled car (39)
Balconysex on a balcony (32)
Basementsex in the basement of a building (81)
Bathsex in a bath (627)
Beachsex on a beach-like setting (255)
Bedroomsex in a room with a bed (4908)
Cabinsex in a cabin (110)
Castlesex in a castle (97)
Cavesex in a cave-like setting (99)
Churchsex in a church building (43)
Classroomsex in a school classroom (840)
Decksex on the deck of a building (30)
Dining Roomsex in the dining area of a building (93)
Doctorssex in a medical clinic (46)
Dojosex in a Japanese training facility or exercise hall (42)
Doorwaysex in the doorway of a residence (72)
Dreamsex in a dream (or dream-like scenario) (90)
Dressing Roomsex in a dressing room/studio (102)
Dungeonsex in a dungeon-like setting (183)
Elevatorsex in an elevator (18)
Festivalsex in or during a festival (32)
Gymsex in a sports gym (75)
Haunted Buildingsex in a building with potential paranormal activity (8)
Hospitalsex in a medical hospital (113)
Hotelsex in a hotel (446)
Hot Springssex in a natural spring usually used as a vacation spa (157)
Kitchensex in the kitchen of a building where food is prepared (168)
Laboratorysex in a sterotypical area for scientific experiments (113)
Librarysex in a library-like setting (102)
Living Roomsex in the living room of a house (1129)
Locker Roomsex in a locker room (167)
Mansionsex in a mansion (179)
Officesex in an office (400)
Othera setting not listed (1404)
Outdoorsex taking place outdoors (1278)
Outer Spacesex in a location outside the Earth's atmosphere (59)
Outside (1)
Parksex in a park (192)
Poolsex in a swimming pool (132)
Prisonsex in a prison-like setting (63)
Publicsex in any location that is not private (513)
Restaurantsex in a restaurant (163)
Restroomsex in a restroom/bathroom (242)
Roofsex on top of a building (187)
Saunasex in a room or house with a steam bath (14)
Schoolsex in a education institute (1317)
School Nurses Officesex in the nurse's office of a school (194)
Showersex in a shower setting (121)
Shrinesex at a shrine (109)
Storage Roomsex in a storage room (299)
Storesex in a store or shop (55)
Streetsex on the streets or alleyway (82)
Teachers Loungesex in the teacher's lounge of a school (38)
Theatersex in the theater (28)
Tight Spacesex at an area with unusually little volume (90)
Toiletsex on the toilet (334)
Trainsex on a train (91)
Transitsex on some sort of public transportation(buses, trains, etc) (136)
Virtual Realitysex taking place in a virtual reality (54)
Warehousesex in a warehouse-like setting (63)
Wildernesssex in nature away from civilization (317)

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