Anthologyconsisting of various short stories not directly connected (224)
Bestialitysexual relations with non-humanoid animals (141)
Dandereappearing calm, quiet, and overall emotionless (90)
Deredereextreme lovingness/affection (199)
Deviantnon-vanilla themes that do not have a category listing (420)
Fully Coloredall story pages are colored (1143)
Furryfeaturing anthropomorphic animal characters (54)
Futanarifemale with male sex organs (648)
Gender Benderfeaturing a fantasy gender change of a character (229)
Guroexplicit and excessive bloodshed and violence (47)
Haremmultiple females attracted to a single male (589)
Incestsexual relations with blood relatives (1507)
Kuudereinitially cynical and cold but later reveals caring side (79)
Long Storya single story spanning more than 100 pages (160)
Netorarecuckold; stealing heroine from protagonist (416)
Non-connon-consensual sex (rape) (1984)
Partly Coloredsome story pages are colored (540)
Reverse Haremmultiple males attracted to a single female (274)
Ryonaviolently assaulted, beaten or tortured (84)
Short Storya single story spanning less than 5 pages (190)
Transgendervoluntary partial or full reversal of gender (41)
Tsundereinitially combative and irritable but later reveals a caring side (475)
Uncensoredcontains no censorship on private parts (574)
Vanillaconsensual, heterosexual, happy sex (5754)
Yandereinitially loving and caring but later becomes psychotic or deranged (84)
Yaoimales in a homosexual relationship (51)
Yurifemales in a homosexual relationship (not futanari) (521)

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