definition: violently assaulted, beaten or tortured

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Diapers Are Not
CATEGORIES: modern, incest, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Osanpo JK Ichigo-chan
CATEGORIES: gore, modern, psychological, netorare, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Monkey Dreams
CATEGORIES: bizarre, fantasy, modern, non-con, bestiality, ryona, VIEW_ALL
Story of a Child Growing up [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, psychological, uncensored, ryona, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Harasaki Shinmyoumaru VS Cau [...]
CATEGORIES: video_game, gore, bizarre, bestiality, guro, VIEW_ALL
JS Gabagabarin!
CATEGORIES: school_life, modern, partly_colored, ryona, VIEW_ALL
Brain Eater
CATEGORIES: bizarre, supernatural, deviant, ryona, VIEW_ALL
A Book Dedicated To The Fina [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, guro, incest, non-con, VIEW_ALL
R.R ~Xenon no Spy ni Natte, [...]
CATEGORIES: psychological, ryona, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Beef Girls and the Feed Supe [...]
CATEGORIES: bizarre, horror, psychological, bestiality, ryona, VIEW_ALL
Higyakusha ni Kutsuu o
CATEGORIES: modern, psychological, deviant, incest, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Elevator Fiction
CATEGORIES: modern, non-con, ryona, VIEW_ALL
Purupuru Monzetsu License
CATEGORIES: bizarre, school_life, anthology, non-con, incest, VIEW_ALL
Ichizu na Hikoujouki no Kyuu [...]
CATEGORIES: anime, deredere, non-con, ryona, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: video_game, ryona, guro, VIEW_ALL
Meo Taikou Boxing
CATEGORIES: bizarre, comedy, modern, ryona, VIEW_ALL
The Girl Dreams Dogs
CATEGORIES: modern, ryona, partly_colored, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Masochistic Mutt Brother and [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, ryona, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Victim Girls
CATEGORIES: video_game, visual_novel, anime, non-con, bestiality, guro, VIEW_ALL
Total Prison Hypnosis Plan
CATEGORIES: anime, ryona, non-con, netorare, VIEW_ALL

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