This page provides a general overview of some of the more unusual categories utilized in the database. It is important to note that this is how interprets these terminologies and may or may not be consistent with external sources. Regardless, this page is meant to be a reference for the categories found in the database.


actionincorporates action directly into the main storyline
adventurecontains an adventure in the story
animebased on an anime, manga, or light novel
bizarreextreme and unusual situations (usually dark)
comedyexplicit humorous tone throughout the manga
dramafeaturing dramatic progression and emotional effect
fantasyinvolves magic, a dream world, or fairy tales
goreexplicit and excessive bloodshed and violence
historicclearly and obviously based on a time period in the past
horrorinvokes a feeling of fear or shock
medievaloccurs in a medieval setting
modernoccurs in a reasonably modern time period
mythreferences known myths or legends
psychologicalinvokes a mental and emotional disturbance
romanceincludes a love story (love-making does not equate to romance)
school_lifeoccurs mainly in a school setting featuring students and teachers
scificontains science fiction elements
supernaturalcontains supernatural themes
video_gamebased on a video game
visual_novelbased on a visual novel


anthologyconsisting of various short stories not directly connected
bestialitysexual relations with non-humanoid animals
dandereappearing calm, quiet, and overall emotionless
deredereextreme lovingness/affection
deviantnon-vanilla themes that do not have a category listing
fully_coloredall story pages are colored
furryfeaturing anthropomorphic animal characters
futanarifemale with male sex organs
gender_benderfeaturing a fantasy gender change of a character
guroexplicit and excessive bloodshed and violence
haremmultiple females attracted to a single male
incestsexual relations with blood relatives
kuudereinitially cynical and cold but later reveals caring side
long_storya single story spanning more than 100 pages
netorarecuckold; stealing heroine from protagonist
non-connon-consensual sex (rape)
partly_coloredsome story pages are colored
reverse_haremmultiple males attracted to a single female
ryonaviolently assaulted, beaten or tortured
short_storya single story spanning less than 5 pages
transgendervoluntary partial or full reversal of gender
tsundereinitially combative and irritable but later reveals a caring side
uncensoredcontains no censorship on private parts
vanillaconsensual, heterosexual, happy sex
yandereinitially loving and caring but later becomes psychotic or deranged
yaoimales in a homosexual relationship
yurifemales in a homosexual relationship (not futanari)


amusement_parksex in a theme park
atticsex in an attic of a building
automobilesex in a wheeled car
balconysex on a balcony
basementsex in the basement of a building
bathsex in a bath
beachsex on a beach-like setting
bedroomsex in a room with a bed
cabinsex in a cabin
castlesex in a castle
cavesex in a cave-like setting
churchsex in a church building
classroomsex in a school classroom
decksex on the deck of a building
dining_roomsex in the dining area of a building
doctorssex in a medical clinic
dojosex in a Japanese training facility or exercise hall
doorwaysex in the doorway of a residence
dreamsex in a dream (or dream-like scenario)
dressing_roomsex in a dressing room/studio
dungeonsex in a dungeon-like setting
elevatorsex in an elevator
festivalsex in or during a festival
gymsex in a sports gym
haunted_buildingsex in a building with potential paranormal activity
hospitalsex in a medical hospital
hotelsex in a hotel
hot_springssex in a natural spring usually used as a vacation spa
kitchensex in the kitchen of a building where food is prepared
laboratorysex in a sterotypical area for scientific experiments
librarysex in a library-like setting
living_roomsex in the living room of a house
locker_roomsex in a locker room
mansionsex in a mansion
officesex in an office
othera setting not listed
outdoorsex taking place outdoors
outer_spacesex in a location outside the Earth's atmosphere
parksex in a park
poolsex in a swimming pool
prisonsex in a prison-like setting
publicsex in any location that is not private
restaurantsex in a restaurant
restroomsex in a restroom/bathroom
roofsex on top of a building
saunasex in a room or house with a steam bath
schoolsex in a education institute
school_nurses_officesex in the nurse's office of a school
showersex in a shower setting
shrinesex at a shrine
storage_roomsex in a storage room
storesex in a store or shop
streetsex on the streets or alleyway
teachers_loungesex in the teacher's lounge of a school
theatersex in the theater
tight_spacesex at an area with unusually little volume
toiletsex on the toilet
trainsex on a train
transitsex on some sort of public transportation(buses, trains, etc)
virtual_realitysex taking place in a virtual reality
warehousesex in a warehouse-like setting
wildernesssex in nature away from civilization


androphobiafear of men
apronan apron-like cloth
assertive_girlthe female takes initiative sexually
bikinia bikini swimsuit
bloomerstype of underpants worn by woman
breast_expansionan immediate increase in the breast size
business_suitoutfit for a professional office environment
chastity_devicedevices such as chastity belts or cock cages
chinese_dresstraditional Chinese dress
christmasrelated to Christmas attire
collarneck piece
corsetfemale wearing corset
cosplay_(female)female wearing roleplaying costumes
cosplay_(male)male wearing roleplaying costumes
crossdressing_(female)female wearing clothing meant for the opposite sex
crossdressing_(male)male wearing clothing meant for the opposite sex
eye_patcha patch meant for the eyes
foodinvolving food in a sexual manner
giantessfeaturing a female that is large in an exaggerated fashion
gothic_lolitafemale wearing gothic lolita fashion
gyarufashion-conscious girls with tanned skin and blonde hair
gynophobiafear of women
high_heelswearing high heels
hot_pantsshort, tight shorts that emphasize the buttocks and legs (aka short shorts)
impregnationa female becoming visually pregnant after a sex scene
kemonomimihumans with animal ears
kimonotraditional formal Japanese clothing
knee_high_sockslong socks that reach near knee level
lab_coatcoat for science, medicine, etc.
latexsuit made with a rubber-like material
leotardtight-fitting one-piece
lingeriewomen's underwear and night clothes
maid_outfitan outfit usually made for maids
mother_and_daughtersex with both the mother and daughter
noneno fetish
nonhuman_girlfeaturing female beings that are not human
olfactophiliafetish involving scents
pregnantfeaturing a visually pregnant female having sex
rich_girlan obviously rich girl
school_swimsuitswimsuits associated with Japanese schools
shy_girla timid female character
sisterssex with sisters
sleeping_girlsexual activities with a sleeping girl
sportyathletic girl
stockingsclose-fitting elastic garment over the lower leg
strapona penis-shaped toy strapped onto the female
student_uniforma uniform for Japanese students
swimsuitany type of swimsuit
tanneddarker skin from exposure to the sun
tattoofemale with a skin tattoo
time_stopfantasy ability to stop time for sex
twins_(coed)twins with one girl and one boy
twins_(female)twins made up of only girls
twins_(male)twins made up of only boys
uniformcostume signifying some kind of authority
wedding_dressa dress meant for weddings


alienan extraterrestrial female
androida humanoid female robot
angela spiritual being from heaven
athletean athletic female
bridea female who is participating in the wedding as the bride
bunnygirla girl in bunny suit
cheerleadera female in a cheer uniform
delinquenta female delinquent character
demonan evil supernatural being
doctora female medical doctor
dominatrixa mistress in dominant role of BDSM
escorta female prostitute
foreignera female with features distinctly not from Japan
ghosta visible disembodied soul of a dead person
housewifea housewife
idola female celebrity
magical_girla stereotypical anime magical girl with costume
maida maid-like character
mamonomonster girl
massagista female who massages
mikoa Japanese shrine maidens
mythical_beinga character originating from a myth or legend
neetyoung female not in education, employment, or training
nekomimia human-like girl with cat ears and tail
newlyweda newlywed wife
ninjaa female resembling a Japanese ninja
normala standard female
nuna nun
nursea nurse-like character
office_ladya stereotypical female who works in the office
otherunlisted role
policea policewoman
priesta female priest
princessa royal princess
queena royal queen
school_nursea female school nurse
scientista female scientist/researcher
sorcerera female magic user
studenta female student
succubusa demon that seduces men
teachera female teacher
tomboya girl with physical and/or mental characteristics similar to a boy
tutora female teacher-like figure who tutors smaller groups than a teacher
waitressa waitress who works in a restaurant-like setting
warriora female warrior
witcha female sorcerer or magician


acquaintanceslight knowledge of the female
anothers_daughteranother person's daughter
anothers_girlfriendanother person's girlfriend
anothers_motheranother person's mother
anothers_sisteranother person's sister
anothers_wifeanother person's wife
auntaunt of the male character
babysitterthe babysitter of the male character
childhood_friendfemale friend from childhood
classmatea female from the same school
cousina female cousin
customera female customer
daughterdaughter of the male character
daughter-in-lawthe daughter-in-law of the male character
employeeworker who works under male boss
employerfemale boss of the male character
enemyenemy to the male character
fiancefemale engaged to male character
friendmutual affection towards female
friends_daughtera friend's daughter
friends_girlfrienda friend's girlfriend
friends_mothera friend's mother
friends_sistera friend's sister
friends_wifea friend's wife
girlfriendthe girlfriend of the male character
landlordfemale landlord of the male character
managerfemale manager of the male character
masterfemale master of the male character
mothermother of the male character
mother-in-lawmother-in-law of the male character
neighborfemale neighbor of the male character
nieceniece of the male character
noneonly one main character (solo scene)
older_sisterolder sister of the male character
patientfemale patient of the male character
petfemale pet of the male character
physicianfemale physician of the male character
relativerelative of the male character
relatives_friendthe female friend of a relatve
relatives_girlfriendthe girlfriend of a relative
relatives_wifethe wife of a relative
servantfemale servant of the male character
serverfemale serving the male character
sister-in-lawsister-in-law of the male character
slavefemale sex-slave forced to obey male
stepdaughterstepdaughter of the male character
stepmotherstepmother of the male character
stepsisterstepsister of the male character
strangerfemale person of whom the male character does not know
studentfemale student of the male teacher/tutor
teacherfemale teacher of the male student
tuteefemale student being tutored by a male character
tutorfemale tutor of the male character
twinfemale twin of the male character
underclassmanfemale underclassman of the male character
upperclassmanfemale upperclassman of the male character
wifewife of the male character
workmatea female workmate of the male character
younger_sisteryounger sister of the male character


adult20-40 years old
animalan animal (not anthropomorphic)
animal_earshaving ears similar to an animal
baldhaving no hair
beardhaving a beard
dark_skinhaving dark skin
elderlyolder than 60 years old
exaggerated_penispenis larger than humanly possible
fatclearly heavier than the norm
furryanthropomorphic animal features
goateehaving a goatee facial hair
hairyhaving a noticeable amount of body hair
half_animalfeaturing nonhuman body parts
hornshaving horns on the head
large_penispenis larger than hentai average
long_hairhair longer than average
middle_age40-60 years old
monstermany monster-like features
muscularbeing more muscular than the norm
mustachehaving a mustache
noneno male involved in sex scene
shortclearly shorter than the norm
short_hairbuzzcut or crewcut
skinnyclearly skinnier than the norm
small_penispenis smaller than hentai average
tailhaving a tail
tallclearly taller than the norm
tannedhaving tanned skin
tan_linehaving a visible tan line
teenager13-19 years old
wingshaving wings


adult20-40 years old
animal_earshaving ears normally found on an animal
baldhaving no hair
big_butthaving a large bottom
chubbyfatter than average
dark_skinhaving darker skin than the average Japanese female
elderlyolder than 60 years old
elf_earspointy ears
exaggerated_breastsbreasts larger than humanly possible
fatclearly heavier than the norm
furryanthropomorphic animal features
hairyhaving body hair (e.g. armpit hair)
hair_bunhave hair tied in a bun
half_animalfeaturing nonhuman body parts
halohaving an angel-like halo
hime_cuthaving a hime cut hairstyle
hornshaving horns on the head
large_breastsbreasts larger than the hentai average
long_hairlong hair
middle_age40-60 years old
monster_girlmany monster-like features
muscularhaving a muscular physique
noneno male involved in sex scene
pigtailspigtails hair style
ponytailponytail hair style
shortclearly shorter than the norm
short_hairshort hair
skinnyclearly skinner than the norm
small_breastsbreasts smaller than the hentai average
tailhaving a tail
tallclearly taller than the norm
tannedhaving tanned skin
tan_linehaving a visible tan line
teenager13-19 years old
twintailstwintails hair style
wingshaving wings


foursome_(1_female)one girl with three guys
foursome_(1_male)one guy with three girls
foursome_(mixed)two girls and two guys
foursome_(only_female)four girls
foursome_(only_male)four guys
one_on_oneone girl with one guy
one_on_one_(2_females)two girls
one_on_one_(2_males)two guys
orgy_(1_female)one girl with 4+ guys
orgy_(1_male)one guy with 4+ girls
orgy_(mainly_female)2+ guys with many more girls
orgy_(mainly_male)2+ girls with many more guys
orgy_(mixed)approximately same number of girls and guys
orgy_(only_female)5+ girls
orgy_(only_male)5+ guys
solo_(female)one girl
solo_(male)one guy
threesome_(1_female)one girl with two guys
threesome_(1_male)one guy with two girls
threesome_(only_female)three girls
threesome_(only_male)three guys


adulteryvoluntary sexual relations with someone other than one's spouse
ahegaoweird face during sex; mouth open, eyes rolled back
anal_(female)insertion into the female anus
anal_(male)insertion into the male anus
aphrodisiacdrug stimulating sexual drives
armpit_sexusing the female armpit for sexual activities
asphyxiationsexual pleasure from cutting of oxygen (e.g. choking)
blackmailinvolving sex as a result of pressure through threats
blowjobfellatio, oral sex performed on penis
bondageuse of restraints for sexual pleasure
breast_feedingfeeding and drinking breastmilk to a non-infant
breast_suckingsucking on the breasts with the mouth
bukkakelarge amounts of semen (from multiple partners) on top of the body
cheating_(female)female having voluntary sex with someone other than her lover
cheating_(male)male having voluntary sex with someone other than his lover
chikanheavy groping in crowds (i.e. trains)
clothed_sexsexual activity with clothes on the female
consensualsex where both parties agree to it
cunnilingususe of mouth, tongue, or lips to stimulate female genitals
deflorationinvolving a virgin female
disciplinetraining to develop control, obedience, or a desired trait in the female character by the male character
dominancesexual authority over the female character
double_penetrationsimultaneous penetration of one person by two people
drunkinvolving one or more drunk persons
enemaintroducing liquids into the rectum
exhibitionismdeliberately attracting public attention in a sexual manner
facesittingfemale sitting on another's face for sexual pleasure
fingering_(female)use of fingers to stimulate female genitals
fingering_(male)use of fingers to stimulate the male anus
fistingplacing the entire fist into the female genitals
footjobstimulation of the penis with the foot
grindingrubbing genitalia in a sexually suggestive manner
gropingtouching and/or fondling breasts
handjobstimulation of the penis with the hands
humiliationpsychological distress for sexual excitement
hypnosisuse of mind control for sexual purposes
intercruralpenis placed between thighs of partner in non-penetrative sex
interracial_sexintercourse between humans of (visibly) different ethnic race
interspecies_sexintercourse between clearly different species
lactationexcreting fluids from the breast
lotionuse of lotion in sexual manner
masochismsexual pleasure of the male from being punished by the female
masturbationsexual stimulation (self)
mind_breakbrainwashing victim with abusive sexual activity
nonhumansexual activity involving a nonhuman male
orgysexual activity with a group of more than four
paizuristimulation of the penis with female breasts
phone_sexvirtual sex through explicit phone conservations
propsunorthodox objects not meant for sexual pleasure
rapenon-consensual sex with a male as the aggressor
reverse_rapenon-consensual sex with a female as the aggressor
rimjoblicking another's anus
sadismsexual pleasure of the male from inflicting harm on the female
scatrelated to feces
sex_toystoys that provide sexual pleasures
spankingphysical spanking for sexual purposes
squirtnoticeable vaginal fluid during climax
submissionsexually subordinate of the male character towards a dominant female partner
sumatanon-penetrative sex often used in brothels
swingerstrading partners (e.g. girlfriend, wife) for sexual intercourse
tentacleselongated flexible organs
voyeurismspying/peeping during intimate periods
watersportsinvolving urine and/or urination
x-ray_blowjobx-ray depiction of the penis entering the mouth
x-ray_sexx-ray depiction of the penis inserted into either the vagina or anus


69oral intercourse with both partners stimulating at the same time
acrobatreverse cowgirl position with the female completely bent back to the male torso
archbutterfly position with the female's waist raised forcing an arch in her back
bodyguardspooning motion in a standing position where both partners are upright
butterflyfemale laid back with legs raised as male penetrates in upright position
cowgirlmale laid back with female in control from a sitting position
dancerstanding face-to-face position with female raising one leg
deck_chairbutterfly position with female's legs forced into bent position
deep_stickbutterfly position with female's legs resting upright on shoulders of male
doggyrear-entry position with female on all fours and male penetrating from behind
drillmissionary position where hte female wraps legs around the male's back
ex_sexmissionary-like position except reversed so that the face is facing the feet
jockeyfemale laid face down with male penetrating from behind
lap_dancereverse mastery position with female sitting on male's lap
leg_gliderbutterfly position with female raising one leg against male
lotusmastery position with female wrapping legs and arms around male
masteryface-to-face position with female sitting on male's lap
missionarysimple face-to-face position with one partner on back
noneno sexual position
otherunlisted position
pile_driverbutterfly position with female waist raised for downstroke penetration
prison_guarddoggy position with the female's wrists (and thus body) being held up by the male
reverse_piggybackstanding face-to-face postition with female being carried by male
rodeocowgirl position with female looking away from male
spoonsrear-entry position with both partners lying on side
standingsex positions where both partners are in upright position
teaspoonssimilar to doggy but with both partners kneeled and upright
unusualexotic and/or unrealistic position
victorybutterfly position with the male speading the female's legs into a V shape

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