16-arenda.ru aims to redefine the traditional adult website by providing a simple interface that focuses on only providing visitors what they came to view.

Simplistic Website

While there are a number of adult websites providing an abundance of content, most of these websites are plagued with the same thing: a clutter of distractions. This practice is what 16-arenda.ru aims to do differently. Why do adult websites seem to think they are free to avoid standard web etiquette? Here at 16-arenda.ru, we believe that it is possible (and beneficial) to sport a minimal website layout to maximize viewing performance.

Organized Content

An attribute that hinders most large databases is the ability of the user to sift through the overwhelming amount of content. In the case of 16-arenda.ru, we aim to cater to visitors who have highly specific tastes and are willing to search out for new content based on these given parameters. By categorizing each series into over a hundred different distinctions, 16-arenda.ru provides a means of finding adult manga that best suits the personal preference of the user.

Open Content

Registration and fees will never be an issue for viewing the complete collection of adult manga found on 16-arenda.ru. Rather than track the movements of visitors, we completely respect the privacy of the users of this website and will never require anything back from them. 16-arenda.ru is proud to distribute content freely and openly as one of the most comprehensive adult manga databases on the Internet. The last thing we would want to do is leave a bad taste in the mouths of visitors by trapping them into registering or paying fees before providing full access to the content.

New Take on Adult Websites

In short, 16-arenda.ru hopes to redefine the conception of traditional adult websites by providing open and organized content in a simplistically designed website.

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