In order to make one of the most comprehensive adult manga databases, it is necessary for the website to be constantly updated with new content. Follow the steps below if you want to help by submitting new material to the website.

1. Check Manga Qualifications

The first step is to ensure that the manga meets the following qualifications: The manga must be adult-oriented. The manga must be translated into English.

2. Double Check Database

The second step to take is make sure that the manga is not already listed in the database. Be sure to check for alternative titles as multiple titles are often given depending on the translation. If the piece already exist under a different title, please suggest the alternative title as an error in the database rather than continuing this process.

3. Archive and Upload Manga

The third step is to archive and upload the manga somewhere. We are not particularly picky as to how you archive the file (zip, rar, tar.gz, etc.) or where you upload it (personal web server, mediafire, etc.), as long as we can access it.

4. Submit Entry to Forums

The fourth step is to submit the entry. REGISTRATION IS NOT NECESSARY. Simply follow this link to the appropriate forum and post the archive link with the manga title as the thread title.

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