In order to make one of the most comprehensive adult manga databases, it is necessary for the website to contain multiple categories to fit the needs of its viewers. Follow the steps below if you want to help by suggesting additions to its category list.

1. Double Check Categories

The first step is to ensure that the addition you want to make is legitimate. Be sure to double check definitions to ensure that your suggestion is not already existent under a different name.

2. Create Entry

The second step is to actually point out the category you think should be added by filling out the form below.

3. Note Relevant Manga IDs

The third step is to identify at least three existing manga IDs that match this category. This is a five digit number found in the URL after the domain when viewing the manga information (ie, 10001, 10002, 10003, etc.).

4. Submit Entry to Forums

The third step is to submit the entry. REGISTRATION IS NOT NECESSARY. Simply follow this link to the appropriate forum and post the form from step two with the category as the thread title.

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